• We have one family who is able to have all three of their children in our music programs thanks to YES fund support.
  • One young man is able to explore his love of both art and music by taking violin lessons and taking our Youth Honors Academy Classes.
  • We have one young lady who enjoys are art and clay programs so much she has been part of our after school classes and summer camp continuously for 2 years.
  • One father was so grateful for the YES Fund that he asked where he could make a contribution, though it might be small, he wanted to give back in any way he could.
  • One young lady was part of her first theatre production in Spring 2018 and had such a great time she came back for our summer theatre production (Shakespeare!) and summer camp.
  • We have one student who was recently adopted by his foster family. The parents were not sure how he would be in our camps since they were not entirely aware of his background. He has had wonderful weeks as part of camp. His parents have been delighted that he has opportunities to express himself in various artful ways. They are so pleased by his time at camp that they recommended the experience to another foster family who have registered their kids knowing that the environment is inclusive and offers the kids a chance to learn how to express themselves in healthy ways.


Thank you for all that you are doing for MAC and the Manhattan community.