“For me, the Boys & Girls Club means a peace of mind.


I find peace when I’m met at the door with a tantrum of tears because my son doesn’t want to leave. His tears bring me peace because I know he had that much fun.


I find peace when I receive an urgent text or call from someone I’ve asked to pick up my son and he’s been barred from leaving. This brings me peace because I know security measures are effective and my son is on lock unless I say otherwise.


I find peace when I’m handed an injury report when my son has an incident and hurts himself. That sheet of paper brings me peace because it means someone has cared for him and comforted him in my absence.


But in truth, there are times when I have no peace. This is when my son is talking nonstop about what he read, what he learned and what he played while he was at the Boys & Girls Club.


Being a parent whose son has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for the past five years, I’ve seen a lot of staff turnover and in some uncanny way, it seems to get better and better. For these reasons and many others, I am grateful for the club’s supporters because they are making contributions to an organization that, for me and many families, has become a source of peace.”