Ann is like most young girls. She likes to spend time with her friends and loves going to the After School Program at the Boys & Girls Club. Ann is different from most of her friends at the Boys & Girls Club, however, because Ann has a serious emotional disturbance. Serious emotional disturbances include conduct disorders, attention deficit disorders and other disorders related to emotional, physical or sexual abuse. When under stress, Ann sometimes has outbursts, tantrums, or becomes physically aggressive toward staff and peers at the Boys & Girls Club.

With a grant through YES! Funds, Pawnee Mental Health Services is able to provide one on one support to children like Ann while they attend the Boys & Girls Club After School Program. With the additional support, Ann better manages her anger and has fewer outbursts. Ann no longer feels different than her friends, and enjoys hanging out with and participating in the Boys & Girls Club after school activities.

(Ann’s name has been changed to protect her identity.)