The Wonder Workshop Children’s Museum has provided after school clubs since 1989 and started from a classroom in Amanda Arnold Elementary.  When the YES! Funds first became available in the 1990’s, Wonder Workshop was one of the first organizations to receive funding to help families who were low income become active in after school and summer programs.

Richard Pitts, Wonder Workshop Director, said that in the past students who were given scholarships in the after school clubs asked if they could also come to the Discovery Days program offered when school is not in session.  He had to say no because he didn’t have scholarship funds available for that program. “Truly it was a difficult thing to say to a child”, said Richard.  But with the YES! Funds he can now be more inclusive.  Richard says, “We are indeed very thankful to the YES! Fund and the Caroline Peine Foundation for providing funds to allow us to have a balanced group of children from different economic and racial backgrounds!”